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Claus Rohland CV.

2022 "It is the traveller only who is foreign" The David Collection

2021 "Interim #3" Galleri Tom Christoffersen

2020 Curates “Out Of Lebanon” an exhibition presenting three artists from Lebanon at Galleri Tom Christoffersen.
2019 “Middle East Map” a project centered around female artists in the middle east initiated
2017 “Theoretical Girls And Some Dead Stills – An Introduction”, a photobased series of large size prints at Galleri Tom Christoffersen  
2014 -2016 Project ”Theoretical Girls” created on iPhone, initiated and formulated
2015 “Endless Loose Ends” solo show / Eks Rummet
2014-15 “There Are No Foreign Lands”- An artist in residency project
2013 Essay published in newspaper Politiken “Uforglemmelig Dag Markerede Dansk Punks Stjernestund” on W.S. Burroughs visit in Cph; Exhibition ‘Birkemose, Brinch, Rohland’
2011 Curates ”From Iran” Posters from Azard Art Gallery and Studio Kargah, Tehran; ”Herfra hvor jeg står” both exhibitions at B&K Projects
2009 Writes several articles for Magasinet Kunst . ”In The Belly of Time” a project at We Love Asbaek, feat. poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen, musician T.S. Høeg og neo punk group Dansk Floede.
2008-09  ”Blend the World” a video project created in cooperation with artists from Iran, Irak, Afghanistan, Gaza, Pakistan og Myanmar for We Love People  
2007 Musée Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris aquires two posters from the series "Danish Depression".
2006 wall piece for Danish Ministry of Agriculture; ”What became of the Nightingale” 18 new works at Martin Asbaek Projects, a communication project with the Middle East during the Muhammed crisis, the opening of which was documented by Al-Jazeera and BBC / The exhibition travels on to Damaskus;  Represented with two posters at 20th International Poster Biennale in Warzawa
2005 ”Danish Depression”, exhibiting 20 new posters at Design Museum Danmark during which exhibition 1000 anti-war posters were put up in the streets of Baghdad through local help an event covered by Al-Jazeera, Reuters, CNN og BBC;  Designed Four advertising campaigns against Mugabe which was published in Zimbabwe’s two largest newspapers; Poster campaigns in Berlin and Hamburg.
2004 ”New And Recent Works” solo show; Skive Kunstmuseum acquires the painting ”(Re)presence” from 1999;  
2004/2005  First poster projects designed for public space under the name KLF (Keep Life Complicated), Art and Communication on street level launched in Copenhagen London, Bruxelles, Berlin, Malmö and New York
2003 Writes the essay ”Deux Minutes Vingt-trois Secondes” on Serge Gainsbourg for  the book ”Easy Listening”
2002  ‘Side by Side’ at Galleri Tom Christoffersen; Lecturing at The Royal Danish Academy of Art, ”Fascination & Images of Fascination”; Article for Magasinet Kunst on the art of record covers entitled ”P/S I Love You”
2001, 2000 Guest teacher at Danish School of Media and Journalism at the Department For Graphic Communication; Lecturing at The Royal Danish Academy of Art, ”Sound-Art-Soundart”, and ”Incredibly Strange Music & Other Music”;  Tv portrait ‘Kunst i Øjet’(Art In The Eye).
1999 “Represence” new paintings at Galerie Bie&Vadstrup
1998 “Drawings Cut Up” new large size cut-up drawings in mixed materials at gallery Schleisner Borgsmidt
1997 “Museum Danmark”, Arken
1994 ”Interim” at Galerie Egelund; Copenhagen Art Fair presenting the first B/W paintings some of which were acquired by Skive Museum of Art.
1993 Residency in Paris - portraying Designer/Createur Erik Mortensen  .
1992  Represented in the international groupshow ”De Bonnard à Baselitz” at Galeries Manzard et Mazarines, Paris.
1991 “In the Belly of Time” solo show at  Galerie Patricia Asbaek;  Wrote for Magazine Crass “Only I&AI Know” an essay on cyberpunk and virtual reality;  Solo show at Galerie Asbæk / Stærk, Horsens; Participating in Découvertes ’91 at Grand Palais, Paris.
1990 Galerie Pilou, Europrize, Stad Oostende.Tv portrait Galleri11.
1989  Overgaden, ”Boardroom/Bathroom” w. Antoine Segovia and Lars Mathisen at Husets Udstilling, showing the first photo-based work from series ”Selvoptagelser” (“Selfrecordings”), “Bathroom ‘89” a 90x330cm sized print;  Bell Free Gallery solo show; solo show at Himmerland Museum Of Art.
1986-88 Living and working in Paris; Invited by Jean Tinguely to write an article on his secret project. This article Cyklopens Hoved (The Cyclop’s Head) was a first time publishing of Tinguely's project, brought in newspaper Politiken the same year; Lives and exhibits at Citè des Arts;  Invited by Fondation Cartier to visit its headquarter and initiates cooperation on an exhibition of Young Danish Art; receives a work grant Danish State's Art Foundation and a residency at Cité Des Arts.
1985 – 81 Among other Charlottenborg Spring exhibition -83, -84; The Fall Exhibition -85; ”Gud og Grammatik” -84;  K.E. -83;  Goethe In Kongo at Sophienholm, Kongo edits Magazine Hvedekorn, various soloshows at Kongo Gallery; Initiator and co-arranger of  Last Chance W.S. Burroughs in Saltlageret, an evening with William Burroughs and John Giorno -83; Co-editor of magazine Atlas, first magazine Kong issued in -83; 

Co-founder of Gallery Kongo -82; The Atelier Kong opened with a Sexual Rhythm Party by Ballet Mecanique -82; Sæd Fra Sidegaden at Hvidovre Library; Performative pieces for public space such as "Measurements/Extensions" and "The Roundtrip" feat. punkgroup No Knox and a choir for mixed poetry; ”Jugendopera” at Gallery 14K first exhibition -81, working with a.m.o. Martin Hall, Ballet Mecanique, No Knox, T.S. Høeg and Poul Borum.

Grants:a.m.o. Work grants Statens Kunstfond 1986,2012,2018,2019; van Gogh prize 1987; Aug. Schiøtt 1987; Europe Prize, Ostende 1990.
Represented: Apart from various private collections and decorations,  at Royal Danish Collection of Prints, Skive Museum of Art, Kastrupgaard Collection, Musee d´Art Decoratifs Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris.

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